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Kodiak Island Fishing Bear Viewing

        Kodiak Island Alaska Travel Fishing & Hunting Trips

Kodiak Island Alaska

Kodiak Island Alaska is famous for its huge Kodiak brown bears, world class salt/fresh water fishing for salmon and halibut, and sightseeing opportunities on its magnificent green mountains and off its lush coastlines.  Appropriately named Alaska’s Emerald Isle sportsmen and eco tours explore Kodiak Island for different outdoor activities.  

Alaska Adventures Travel offers travelers different options when vacationing to Kodiak Island Alaska.  

Budget trips out of Kodiak City – Hotels – Fishing the Pasagshak and Buskin Rivers.

Foxtail Lodge,  Larsen Bay Alaska – Rafting and boat charters- Fishing: World-class Steelhead, Silvers, and Halibut. Hunting: Waterfowl, Sitka deer.
e specialize in Alaska Adventure Travel Vacation & Tours and we would be delighted to help you plan your next  Alaska vacation. Booking your Alaska  vacation or tours should not be stressful. Let us arrange your next adventure vacation  for you. Our specialty is in Alaska Fishing Lodges, Hunting lodges, Alaska Rail, Alaska Cruises,Air travel, Rafting,

Kodiak Island budget fishingJon Peterson Relaxing at Foxtail Lodge

Alaska Adventures Travel is happy finally offer trips to Kodiak Island for discounted fishing trips. Offering both salt water and fresh water fishing anglers have many choice of customizing trips to the island. Stay in our lodge out of Larson Bay, fly into the Karluk River for world class Steelhead and Silvers, fish the local rivers in town and stay in the hotels out of Kodiak City. In whatever capacity we at Alaska Adventures Travel can help you plan your Kodiak Island Budget fishing trip. Halibut fish from our lodge if the weather is bad and when it clears up fly into the Karluk or Rivers for a float trip and wilderness camping experience. Call our booking office to find out more about Kodiak

Kodiak Island Alaska Hunting

Kodiak Island is known for its deer hunting  and waterfowl hunting.  Your waterfowl hunting is guided, but your deer hunting is unguided.  The peak time for this is from October to December.                                                                       



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